Deep PetroTrack Kish

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Deep Petro Track Kish (DPTK) is established and supported by highly professional personnel with over 25 years of experience in directional drilling services working for international oil companies. Our company has provided the most efficient and satisfactory services for Iranian clients, for efficient drilling of exploration and development wells. 


Directional Drilling Services

DPTK provides wide range of sizes and specifications of motors which are suitable for all drilling environmental and formations requirements. PetroTrack offers a complete line of high quality motors specifically designed for directional drilling.


Logging While Drilling Services

LWD systems offer superior formation evaluation data to maximize reservoir value while drilling. LWD sensors deliver wireline quality petrophysical data and address directional drilling, formation evaluation, and geosteering applications.


Measurements While Drilling Services

We offer tailor-made solutions for environments ranging from deepwater to unconventional plays. Applications include geometric well bore placement, reservoir navigation, and drilling optimization.